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    Located on the beach in the heart of Waikiki, customers expect to find the best children's swimwear in our shop.  Babi-Kini's are THE BEST amd CUTEST baby bikinis on the market!  They are like magnets!  Customers are quickly drawn to them and always react with smiles and chuckles.  It's a perfect "baby's first" bikini, and one of those "I gotta have that" items.  In the many years we've carried Babi-Kini, quality and service have been excellent. 
    Pat Perreira
    Today's Little People
    This is my BEST experience with Babi-Kini.
    I had a customer purchase two pregnancy swimsuits.  I asked her if she knew the sex of the baby and she said no.  I pointed out the Babi-Kini's we had on the counter.  She said they were cute, but she knew the baby could only use it a few times, since babies grow so fast.  I told her the suit is adjustable (being a tie side) and that once the baby out-grew the suit she could put in on the little girls favorite doll or teddy bear as a keep sake.  I told her how cute it would be to tell the story of her first bathing suit!  Well, Linda, my customer fell in love with the idea and purchased one.  A few months later, Linda called and said she had her baby shower.  She put the Babi-Kini on a teddy bear her husband purchased for the baby and EVERYONE loved it.  It was a hit!  She said it was the best item at the shower and it wasn't even one of the gifts.  At that time, she ordered seven more suits.  She said she had friends she knew would eventually be pregnant and she wanted to give out the best gift!  Needless to say, every year she calls and purchases several Babi-Kini's to have on hand for showers and birthdays. 
    Don't you just love it!  She is my favorite customer.  She sends me pictures of her daughter all the time.
    Andrea LaCraze
    Tropical Tanlines
    Maui Hawaii
    When I first saw Babi-Kini I knew I could sell this darling baby item.  We are not a baby store, we are a unique blend of boutique clothing, home decor and everything in between. In a very short time we are on our 3rd re-order........not bad for a store no where near the beach..... that doesn't focus on babies!  The service has been outstanding and they have been easy to work with.  I have been provided with the kind of service needed for a winning combination.  One of my customers said it best, "They are too cute not to buy!"
    Burbank California
    Mabel's in Carlsbad, is an upscale boutique located in Southern California just 5 minutes from the beach.  We have a lot of customers shopping for baby swimwear and unique gifts.  We have so much fun selling this absolutely "to-die-for" bikini line.  Year after year they come out with the cutest designs.  Customers always come back to let us know that their Babi-Kini was the hit of the shower.  Babi-kini's are made locally in the USA (which we love), are high quality, and have a beautiful finish.  Our experience with the company has always been professional and a pleasure.
    Tiffany Engel
    Carlsbad, California
    Little Folks Shop is located in the tourist district of historic St. Augustine, Florida where we attract a varity of locals as well as tourist from all over the world.  Your bikini's are an eye catching addition loved by Eroupeans as well as American tourists.  I have had only rave review on them.  One customer purchased the Kitty Kat bikini for a shower where she didn't know the sex of the baby. That way if it was a boy it could be used as a Tarzan speedo!   The mother after all had chosen a jungle theme for the nursery.  She later told me it was the hit of the shower.
    They sell so fast I have a hard time keeping them in the store. Thank you for a quality made in USA product that I a truly proud to sell in my store.
    Dolores Teuber
    Little Folks Shop
    St. Augustine, FL